Monday, 24 May 2010

Lowdham Book Festival 2010

My lovely publisher says ...

Weathervane Press are delighted to announce they will be hosting an event at the excellent Lowdham Book Festival final Saturday on June 26th.

We will be launching the Weathervane Live Vocal Books Tour at this event, which takes place at 10.30 am in the Lit & Phil Tent behind the Village Hall. There will also be readings by Megan Taylor from her thriller 'The Dawning' published in January and Nigel Pickard from 'Attention Deficit' published in March. All Weathervane books will be on sale at the event and throughout the day from our own stall at the Book Fair also in Lowdham Village Hall. The event is free - no ticket required.

Full details of the Lowdham Book Festival programme can be found at

I say:
Come along! Say hello! You know you want to!


KatW said...

I really wish I could make it. There are so many writer-bloggers with events at the moment & so far I'm unable to attend any. The price of living in gorgeous Cornwall is most everywhere is far away. Nevertheless I feel sure that you & I will meet one day when I'm up visiting family & friends your way.

Enjoy the summer events.
Kat :-)

Megan said...

A price well worth paying, I reckon, Kat. I'm very envious of your Cornwall.
Have a shimmering weekend xx

DJ Kirkby said...

I'd love to come but the festival appears to be at least eleventymillion miles away from me :(

Megan said...

yes, eleventymillion is a bit far ... maybe one day we'll meet in the middle (-: