Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Roll up! Roll up!

I've been invited to read this Saturday at Leftlion's fantabulous (Canning) Circus Extravaganza , an incredible day-into-night of FREE live music, art and spoken word in the heart of Nottingham!!

I'll be reading (possibly from second novel 'Before the Light') alongside the amazingly talented Nicola Monaghan and just before a whole dazzling parade of poets.

The literature events begin at 4pm in the upstairs gallery of the Hand and Heart

Would be marvellous to see you there!

Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Rachel has 'tagged' my blog and given it an award! Thank you Rachel (I hope I'm doing this right).

I've been challenged to list 5 obsessions. Since my personal obsessions (wine, chocolate, daydreaming etc) aren't very exciting, I thought I'd offer 5 obsessions in my writing instead (hope that's ok) so here goes

Some features that tend to haunt my stories are -



breaking points




Moving swiftly on, I'm to pass on the award and challenge to 5 others, so stand by
Nik P
Nik J

Sunday, 6 September 2009

Playing Drafts (3)

He's reading my novel.

I wanted him to. I asked him to.

It's freshly printed and neatly hole-punched. It sits like homework in its brand new folder. All the latest edits are in place.

The pages are crisp and clean and as-yet unscribbled on. I'm ridiculously aware of their slow slide, their rustle.

I can't be in the same room as him. I'll start watching his face - I might not be able to stop myself from asking.

And so I hover nearby, making coffee, And then more coffee. I pretend to think about the book I'm reading and the other writing I have planned. But -

He has been reading for almost two hours.

Eventually I go up to our bedroom. I rummage through the heaving shelves there and then lie on top of the covers and turn pages determinedly.
I try not to picture him doing exactly the same downstairs.