Tuesday, 29 September 2009


Rachel has 'tagged' my blog and given it an award! Thank you Rachel (I hope I'm doing this right).

I've been challenged to list 5 obsessions. Since my personal obsessions (wine, chocolate, daydreaming etc) aren't very exciting, I thought I'd offer 5 obsessions in my writing instead (hope that's ok) so here goes

Some features that tend to haunt my stories are -



breaking points




Moving swiftly on, I'm to pass on the award and challenge to 5 others, so stand by
Nik P
Nik J


Leatherdykeuk said...

I try to incorporate smells into my writing all the time since they are so powerful at evoking an emotional response.

Megan said...

Completely agree - I love a good smell. And even a bad one too.

Shanta Everington said...

Megan, Thank you so much for choosing me! But you'll have to spell out what I have to do - I'm someone's mum at a wedding, remember?! Do I just list 5 obsessions - on my blog or yours? and pass it onto 5 more? How do I do it? Is there a special doo dah function? (Someone's granny more like!) X

Megan said...

he he i didn't know what I was doing either Shanta, but now I do (I think)
on your blog - 5 obsessions and pass on to 5 others.
to grab the picture, right click and then copy and paste
ps hope you've got a great big wedding hat xxx

Lesley Samantha Brant said...

Smells that lead characters to reminisce in their childhood. MMMmmm chocolate. that's my obsession too!

Nik Perring said...

Oh yes - I'm definitely one for smells, so to speak.

And I have done my bit, just so you know.


Megan said...

Hello Lesley!!
Cheers Nik!!
Yes smells! Smells - luverly smells. And lovely chocolate too.