Thursday, 18 March 2010

Vulpes Libris Review

The truly marvellous booksite Vulpes Libris features a review of The Dawning today. Here's a glimpse -

'Taylor writes like a modern D H Lawrence. The quality of her rich and poetic prose wraps you round like a fur coat on a winter’s night . . . read slowly to savour it.'

- Wow!

Enormous thanks to the incredibly talented, indomitable and very generous Anne Brooke. What a wonderful surprise this was to wake up to :-D


Anne Brooke said...

Indomitable. Ooh, there's a word that will make my husband smile! I'm quite sweet really - honest!! :)) And The Dawning is a wonderful book, Megan - you should be hugely happy about it!



Megan said...

Indomitable only in the very best sense of course Anne, and most definitely lovely too - GIANT Thanks xxx