Friday, 19 March 2010

Nottingham Evening Post Review

And another one (!) this time in today's Evening Post -

Page-turner set in the Peak District

The Dawning, Megan Taylor, Weathervane Press, £7.99

On a momentous New Year's Eve amidst the backdrop of the Peak District, the seemingly ideal Haywood family unravels in this tense second novel by Nottingham author Megan Taylor. The characters are all intelligently formed, with mum Stella the stand-out personality. And whilst some scenes are uncomfortable to read, there is a deliciously realistic atmosphere plus some clever plot devices.

- Oonagh Robinson

It's brilliant to see it in the paper (- and with Rose Tremain reviewed next door!)

A lucky week this week, for sure (-:


DJ Kirkby said...

You've made your own luck by being such a fabulous and skilled author.

Megan said...

you are way too kind, DJ - hope you're hving a truly splendid weekend x

Shanta Everington said...

Fantastic review. You are ace! x

Megan said...

aw, fanx Shanta xx