Monday, 21 July 2008

Writing - Things that sometimes Help

Along with walking . . .

Very strong coffee
Reading fabulous novels
Plane journeys
Two big glasses of wine
Staring out of the window
Talking to friends
The first page of a brand new notebook
Daydreaming generally
My cat


Brian Gardner said...

many of yours plus;

listening to music
doing rounds at work
listening to podiobooks
talking to other writers
playing Rock Band
playing RPG's with deep stories (recently Lost Odyssey does a marvelous job!)

these usually get my thoughts running wild

watching9987 said...

'First page of a new notebook'? You're far braver than me. I have to turn them over and start at the back with useless scribbling then work my way to the front...


music - the wierder the better
rain - the heavier the better
and of course, Disco Kettle.

Megan said...

Look at you lads with your music - I wish I could, but I find it too distracting, even when lyric-less. I'm very boring and silent when I write (except for general gurning and crazy-woman muttering)
Brian, totally agree about chatting with other writers, its often inspirational
and I often scribble all over that first page. My note books look like they're full of some kind of martian code - interspersed with shopping lists . . .
Thank you gents

watching9987 said...

I forgot to add my most important writing aid. My Magical Dressing Gown. It is the most important weapon in my literary arsenal.

Brian Gardner said...

Well, I guess I should point out that not any type of music works all the time for me. There are times where I focus on certain types or moods of music. Which type can depend on the story itself.

Yet, there are times when music doesn't work for me at all. Which unfortunately has been lately ... I can't seem to listen to music while I write, which sucks since its my #1 way to block out the noise of the world which is the most distracting pain for me to deal with.

Megan said...

Magic dressing gown sounds good. I wonder if I should start thinking of my pyjamas as magic? Though maybe not, since the 'lucky' boots turned sour . . .
Brian, I think that's why music doesn't work for me, because of the moods that go with it. But my sympathies if it's not helping you right now! I hope that you can find your way through in other ways, and on that note -