Thursday, 24 July 2008

Writing - Things that sometimes Don't Help

Very strong coffee
Reading fabulous novels
Plane journeys
Two big glasses of wine
Staring out of the window
Talking to friends
The first page of a brand new notebook
Daydreaming generally
My cat


B said...

So, so true. Sometimes things that have helped so much before just hamstring you instead. Frustrating but true...

watching9987 said...

Could I also add:
Neighbour mowing the lawn,
Neighbour with big, very big, dog,
Living next to a Nurserey,
Neighbour having bbq complete with smells, sounds, laughter, tinkling bottles etc etc - to which I was not invited.
And wash days - because even Magic Dressing Gowns can get a bit stale...

Caroline said...

can I add children and my husband when he is being annoying, to your list?

Megan said...

Sadly, you're right b - though usually (hopefully!)not for too long. I hope that your writing's going well . . ?

Nik, I'm very pleased to hear the magic doesn't get washed away - but perhaps you should have gatecrashed that bbq, or at the very least sidled in and stolen a sausage

Yes Caroline! I think those things can certainly be added to the list. I think they might need underlining too ( ;

Brian Gardner said...

I'm going to add having someone you care about being admitted to the ICU. That's a huge thing that doesn't help. I only mention it since I'm currently dealing with it. My sis' kidney's shut down because of her diabetes, but thankfully she's doing a bit better now ... just dealing with the pain and crumminess that comes from your body not wanting to work like it should.

Megan said...

Oh, Brian - I am so sorry to hear that. Huge best wishes to her for a speedy recovery, and to you and the rest of the family at this difficult time,

Brian Gardner said...

Thanks Meg ^_^

Just so you know, my sis is no longer in ICU, but still is recovering. Now, hopefully with so many other things starting to smooth out as well, I can get back to working on my writing and soon. As much as I'm enjoying posting something different, I just want to get back to doing what I started.

Megan said...

That's good news Brian,
Love and thoughts to you all,