Saturday, 31 May 2008

Blog Story Rules

Before we begin (on Sunday), a few rough rules:

Please continue the story directly from my last blogged piece.
Although less is fine, please don’t write any more than 200 words.
Please don’t end the story (not till the final post, anyway).
Please don’t write anything obscene or offensive - although dark and disturbing is usually fine by me. (As is funny. And heartbreaking. And action-packed. And quiet. And mostly anything you like really.)
Please don’t be personally offended if your piece is not selected, I won’t necessarily be judging on ‘quality’ (whatever that subjective term implies), but choosing the 200 words I’ll feel that I can best respond to – or perhaps that will challenge me (and our story) the most.
Please play.
And keep playing.

It could be fun. (-:

This blog will be running concurrently on
(though you only need to submit on one (-;)
Along with my own piece, I will include the selected post on each blog space . . .

I hope this is making sense. I wonder if our story will?

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