Sunday, 10 April 2011

Small happy happenings

A new review in the fabulous the view from here of Jamrach's Menagerie by Carol Birch (which I bloody loved, though if you'd like to know why, you'll have to buy a copy (-:)

Have been invited to talk about The Dawning, alongside my lovely publisher, at Nottingham Central Library, 4th May as part of this fine city's Festival of Reading (-:

And most very exciting, am about to vanish again, back to this amazing place, to play with novel 4.

Plus the sun is everywhere today. Who could ask for more?


ange said...

Oooh lucky you! It looks the perfect setting for a writing retreat. I hope it helps the grey cells come up with another fabulous book. Hopefully the sun will shine too!
Love Ange X

Niki M said...

Happy happenings indeed. Hope all goes well. V v v jealous of the retreat time. Might have to look into that myself...

Positively Calm said...

wow - that looks like a seriously awesome place to go and write - hope you get some serious brain splurge onto that page.
all sounds good xxxx

Megan said...

Cheers folks - it was amazing! Things have been a bit bonkers round these parts lately and it was a briliant pocket of escape. Everything's so beautiful there and so simple. I wrote and wrote and wrote.
If you ever get the opportunity - grab it!
m xxxx

Kat W said...

Talking about Nottingham is making me feel a little homesick for my childhood and early adulthood home. Enjoy reading festival.

A stunning photo on this blog post. Your 'amazing place' link seems to be broken but wherever it is I wish you word inspiration whilst working on novel number 4.

Kat X

Megan said...

Thank you Kat!
It's Cove Park, wonderful, wondrous retreat in the West Highlands...