Tuesday, 8 February 2011

February fings

Happy writing things lately!

Firstly, a visit to fabulous Fosseway writers group with Weathervane.
It was a real honour to read and chat with such supportive, interested and interesting folk. I first visited them in 2009 when I had the privilege of judging their horror short story competition and it was wonderful to be so welcomed back. And it’s always inspiring, and tons of fun, to read alongside Ian Collinson and Nigel Pickard. They show me how it’s done.

Also, I have a review out in the February issue of the magnificent the view from here magazine of Kenneth Oppel’s Half Brother – a YA novel, with wide-ranging crossover appeal about a family raising a chimp as a child in a unique linguistic experiment…

Meanwhile, at work, I’ve been figuring out workshops and writing with children, which has been brilliant. They're brilliant, imagination overflowing.

At home, I’ve been writing a new short story, which I don’t do so often these days, and which at the moment feels a bit, I think, like amateur topiary – there’s this massive hedge to shape and shears to wield and at times I’m so cack-handed I may well end up chopping that fuzzy green swan’s head clean off... Yet, I’m loving it – although if I ever do get it finished, I’ve no idea what I might do with it. But then, writing simply for writing is perhaps the very best thing of all.


Ange Barton said...

Hi Megan
I'm looking forward to reading your latest short story - when you've pruned and watered it!! Keep up the brilliant work!
Love Ange x

Rosalind Adam said...

'Amateur topiary' What a brilliant analogy. I know exactly what you mean.

Megan said...

Thank you Rosalind and Ange (-: though I think this one might well end up buried, for a while at least
(perhaps compost for something bigger?)x

Kat W said...

Great to learn you're having happy writing things happening!

I shall have to buy the February issue of TVFH mag so I can read your review. I love YA fiction & like to be introduced to new books.

I've done quite a bit of creative writing with school groups and I've found their imaginations inspirational. Younger children also provide a lesson in writing without expectations or self-criticisms. I think we adults working with children can probably learn as much as they do. Enjoy!

Well done on all your writing projects.
Kat X

Megan said...

:)Thank you Kat!

And you're so right about the kids. They're amazing - and teaching me tons xx

annie clarkson said...

You sound really happily busy... I like the image of short story as topiary, good luck with it! x

Megan said...

Happily indeed, Annie. Story's finished (for now) and good and buried (for now)
New novel brewing...
(: (: (: