Wednesday, 7 October 2009

After the Circus . . .

We did it!

And I loved it

So I'd like to say some enormous THANK YOUs

Firstly, thank you to awesome, award winning author Nicola Monaghan, who was not only generous enough to share her reading table, but also helped so much beforehand, offering encouragement about my writing, easing my nerves and ensuring that our pieces worked so well together.

Thank you too to LeftLion for organising such a brilliant, buzzing event, to Nottingham Writers Studio for all their support, and to all the lovely, lovely people who came along to listen.

You're all fabulous.



Shanta Everington said...

So glad it went well. (But of course I knew you'd be fab!) xxx

Megan said...

Cheers Shanta you are a *star* (and far too kind)

Megan said...

Btw, Niki describes the whole event brillisntly over at her blog