Friday, 27 February 2009

And Another One!

I seem to be reading again, and even sooner – next Wednesday, 4th March, at 7.15pm, as part of Nottingham Writers' Studio next 'Word of Mouth' event at Nottingham’s Royal Centre!

The evening will also include writing by Nigel Smith, Wayne Burrows, Richard Pilgrim, Ian Douglas and Michael Eaton.

Tickets cost £5, which includes a complimentary glass of wine or juice and are available in advance from the Box Office (0115 989 5555), or on the door.

On this occasion, I won’t be reading from ‘How We Were Lost’, but my short story ‘On the Island’.

It would be very wonderful to see you there …


watching9987 said...

Wow - you are clearly most mint, I'm dead impressed, like.

And - with it being payday, it's time to buy your book too!

Megan said...

Cheers Nik - did you know that I happen to be reading your very fine and sinister novel right now?

Anonymous said...

Great blog, I love the idea of interactive stories and will definitely be popping back again!


Megan said...

Cheers Emily - it's lovely to meet you!

Kate Lord Brown said...

Well done Megan - v brave. Have you done a lot of readings? Hope it goes well.

Megan said...

Thank you Kate!
I haven't done too many readings and I always turn rather jelly, but they are getting (a bit) easier, I think
( :