Sunday, 15 June 2008

Blog Story - Post 14


I couldn’t open my eyes. I could feel soft earth beneath my head, the cold sheet of snow beneath my outstretched hand. I pulled it toward me and felt my face. My eyes were covered with something. Pick, pick, pick with my broken fingernails.

While I picked, I listened. I could hear the wind outside and the creak of snow and burdened wood. There was a heaviness in my chest and I could hear the others breathing.

And the smell was everywhere. Sharp and cold like money. I couldn’t swallow. My mouth was dry, my lips cracked. I peeled thin strips of mucus from my eyes and opened one of them to harsh blue light.

There was a new sound. An old sound, half-remembered. A soft popping like snow melting under sunlight, uncovering bodies preserved in amber ice. Still the hurgh, hurgh of breathing.

All at once, my eyes were focused.

Soft earth became a hospital bed. Hurgh, hurgh and a breathing tube stopped my swallows. Melting snow was the soft beep of a heart monitor and my eyes – the one I had left – covered with burn dressings.

And the clink of handcuffs linked my wrist to the metal bed.

by Leatherdykeuk on blogspot

The End

Hey! We did it - thank you so much everyone!
But, as Columbo might say, there's just one more thing . . . Before I can load the whole story on to my website, you may have noticed that we're missing a title.

2 more days, as few words as you like - ALL suggestions welcome


Leatherdykeuk said...


Woot! You used my ending! (I forgot to italicise 'pick, pick, pick' and 'hurgh, hurgh')

Megan said...

Apologies, my fault completely (brain full of snow. Or something), the italics should now be there . . .

Caroline said...

Just to say a HUGE well done!
I am so impressed by this undertaking and the final product.

Please do keep blogging. Please.

Eli Regan said...

It's been fun!

Have 3 simple titles to suggest:

The Cabin


Blue Light

(out of these 3 I like 'Blue Light' the best)

Megan said...

Thank you Caroline! (although it is most definitely all the fab writers who've joined in who are truly impressive)But I'm definitely going to continue blogging - you can't get rid of me now (uh oh)

Cheers too everybody for the titles so far. I'm liking lots so I may have to choose by picking one out of a hat (a suitably hunting cabin kind of hat with ear flaps maybe. Or perhaps a bobble hat (:)