Thursday, 28 January 2010

How It's Been

During the past fortnight, among other things, I have . . .
Sprained an arm after slipping in the ice
Stared in awe at a box of shiny new books
Danced around my living room
Jumped up and down a bit
Read to a packed room of lovely, supportive folk at NWS
I have
Signed books
Sold books
Posted books out in neat, brown packages
Confiscated a book from my eight year old daughter
Taken the very same book out for cocktails
And one day, into work (and then felt suddenly too shy to mention it)
I have also
Grazed a knee for no good reason whatsoever
Been recorded for three separate podcasts
Interviewed on two brilliant blogs (thank you Caroline and Nik)
Written a ridiculous amount of emails
And barely any fiction
Been spoilt rotten
Had loads of fun
Turned 37
And slept (a bit)

I have felt -
Excited, delighted, panicked, unreal, exhausted, rejuvenated, overwhelmed, unstoppable, tipsy, terrified, grateful, lucky, happy, happy. Happy.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Today's the day . . .

that 'The Dawning' is officially released!!!

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Caroline's Blog

. . . And the most marvellous Mrs Smailes has interviewed me over on her blog too!
(I am such a lucky woman)

There's a chance to win a copy of 'The Dawning' if you fancy dropping by . . .

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Nik's Blog

The lovely Nik Perring has interviewed me (already!) about 'The Dawning'. Please visit his blog if you'd like to find out more ...

Friday, 15 January 2010

Early Release!

A message from my wonderful publisher, Weathervane:

Megan Taylor's terrific second novel 'The Dawning' is published by Weathervane Press on January 23rd, but there's no need to wait - you can order from the Book Shop at and get free uk delivery right now.

'The Dawning' is a tense domestic thriller set in a wintry Peak District on New Year's Eve - a time for celebration, but for each member of the fragmenting Haywood family this night could mark the end. 'The Dawning' explores the danger that can arise even at the heart of a family, over the course of one dark night.

Megan will read from and talk about 'The Dawning' to members of Nottingham Writers' Studio on January 21st. For more details and information on NWS see

Saturday, 9 January 2010

The Dawning of 'The Dawning'

There are only two weeks to go until ‘The Dawning’ is released!
I can’t believe it will be happening so soon, although (before the workshops and the revising, the submitting and the waiting) the ideas behind my new novel actually arrived almost three years ago . . .

(I think it might be flashback time - imagine several atmospheric piano notes and perhaps the edges of your screen rippling into dreamy soft-focus)

‘The Dawning’ began in the car with my family, driving back from a day out in the Peak District. It had been a good day, as they still are, although we’d been walking through woodland instead of along one of the Edges as we often did, back then. My daughter, who was five at the time, had been happy hunting for fairies and the freakiest looking mushrooms. My son had, as usual, fallen ‘accidentally’ into a stream. Their dad was at the wheel and I was half-dozing, tired and happy, full of a pub roast and two large, leisurely glasses of dry white wine. Along with the sounds of the kids chatting in the back and the tarmac murmuring beneath us, Regina Spektor was singing from the stereo in her dark and joyful, playful way.

It was getting late. Outside, beyond the road and fields, the trees were black against the sky. I closed my eyes, thinking vaguely about the day we’d had and how I’d come to love the Peak District, and about going home, all sorts of home . . . I thought about our move to Nottingham, and the old London flat I’d left behind . . .

And then, as if out of nowhere, I was picturing a large, stone house with long, gold windows. I saw a back door opening, releasing more gold light and a figure emerging - a small, shadowed figure in a hood. He stood for a moment on the sloping step, gazing out into the dusk.

That image, that boy, would stay with me, although I was already drifting, resurfacing, and thinking simply about twilight – about the day folding in and the night rising. About that feeling that you get sometimes, of going under . . . I thought about one, long night in the middle of winter. A night of secrets, and of endings. I thought about New Year’s Eve.

I opened my eyes, suddenly excited. And all over again, I saw the beauty of those trees.

Far too early the next morning, I crept out of bed while the rest of the house went on sleeping. Throughout the night I’d been unable to shake free those images. It was still dark outside when I started to write what was to become my second novel, ‘The Dawning.’