Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The Dawning

My second novel, recently re-titled ‘The Dawning’ (originally ‘Before the Light’), is to be published by innovative, new Nottingham press, Weathervane, in January 2010!

We signed contracts last week. I’m so happy I could pop.

I have many people to thank, and lots to do – January doesn’t seem very far away at all. But for now, here’s a brief outline of ‘The Dawning’:

It is New Year’s Eve, a time for fresh beginnings - but for each member of the fragmenting Haywood family, this night could mark the end.

With mother Stella battling depression and father Philip determined to escape, eleven-year-old Zachary and his teenage sister Nicola are forced to fend for themselves when confronted by their own worst fears.

Set against a backdrop of wintry beauty on the edge of a Peak District town, ‘The Dawning’ explores the darkness that can arise even at the heart of a family, over the course of a single devastating night.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Fosseway Writers

Last Thursday, we drove out of Nottingham through shrieks and bangs and bonfire smoke. The night air smelt deliciously charred, even after the fireworks were reduced to crackles in the distance, a glimpse of glitter beyond the woods - even as the landscape emptied, darkening and deepening all around us. During the journey, we must have taken a wrong turn somewhere. There didn't seem to be any road signs, but there were a great many trees . . .

It was the perfect beginning to an evening spent discussing horror stories.

After we had finished being lost (I am indeed highly skilled at getting lost) I was welcomed with coffee and biscuits by the bright and lovely people of Fosseway Writers group. I'd had the honor of judging their horror short story competition and I'd been invited along to their meeting to announce the winners. It was a very enjoyable evening, great to put faces and names to all those words and to hear the entries brought to vivid, unsettling (undead) life as they were read aloud. The whole judging experience, though very tough, was hugely rewarding and I felt truly privileged to have been involved.

While the night might have pressed cold and black against the car window, the reception from Fosseway writers couldn't have been warmer. I love being around other people who love writing - it's so inspiring. Thank you tons.