Tuesday, 31 August 2010


If you prefer digital to paper, you can now buy The Dawning in eBook format too

(just thought I'd mention it)

m xx

Sunday, 8 August 2010


Mid-Summer at the station and the air is full of fairies.

Cotton-fluff, you tell me and sweep one arm towards the trees, as if those rippling shadows and foaming leaves could explain anything clearly. I turn back slowly, through the soft.

The afternoon hugs us, closer than our skin. The sky melts into your face and I smell the grey sludge of my old sun-screen, and cooking metal, from the fence ribs and the tracks.

Fairies, I insist.

And though you join me, you remain begrudging, at first.

Except there are so many, it's dizzying, giggling. Irrisistible. And they're easy to catch. Wilting to white spiders in our hands.

Soon we're both leaping and laughing, wishing relentlessly. Clapping each time we flick them free. You're with me now, completely -

After all, there's a lot to wish for. A blizzard of dreams burn bright between my sticky lashes. There's hope in your high-pitched, hitching breath.

The train's not here yet, but the air thrums. Secrets spiral, rising, blurring with the whir of a swallow's wing.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Summer Reading

On holiday, and around the edges, some of the books I've (splashed with Sangria and gritted with black sand) loved lately -

Forgetting Zoe by Ray Robinson - completely stunning, beautiful and brutal, this utterly blew me away

Train by Pete Dexter - further intriguing and complex Americana, not quite as good as his glorious and devastating Paris Trout, but almost

Like Bees to Honey by the lovely Caroline Smailes - everything I was hoping for, and more. Loss, redemption and Jesus at the bar. Take it away with you, or curl up at home. You'll love it however

Bury Me Deep - more sheer Megan Abbot goodness, this time noir in elegant thirties shades

Not So Perfect - Mr Perring provides some surreal and superb snapshots of the way we are or might be in these perfectly proportioned short short stories

A Fair Maiden - another twisted fable from the indomitable Ms Oates, Joyce Carol I will love you forever